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    Icelandic Quality Craft Beer

    Ölvisholt Brewery

    - Made in the clean countryside of Iceland -

Ölvisholt - Beer selection

  • Skjálfti

    skjalfti 274x400Skjálfti (Premium Lager) contains a wide variety of malts an hops, resulting in more complexity, aroma and taste than the conventional Euro Lager.
    Malt: 5 types of Barley malt 1 type wheat malt
    Hops: First Gold, Cascade and Celeia.
    Yeast: Lager yeast
    Alc Vol: 5%
    Taste: A golden beer with light to medium body and a good balance between malt and hops. A hint of caramel and sweetness in the flavor and medium bitter finish. On the nose aroma hops are dominant, mainly citrus and pine notes, with a slight sweetness from the malts.
    Food: Flavorful fish dishes, pasta and white meat.
    The story: Skjalfti means earthquake in Icelandic. The Ölvisholt farm is located directly on top of where the American and European continents meet. On the 21st of June in the year 2000 a great earthquake happened at the Olvisholt Farm, resulting in a lot of damage. The beer is named after this quake. Two days prior to the grand opening of the brew house in 2008 another earthquake struck the farm but with less damage. The first earthquake to strike Sweden in 60 years happened the same week as Skjalfti hit the shelves in Stockholm in 2008.
  • Freyja

    freyja 274x400Freyja is a Belgian style Witbier. Freyja is lightly spiced and easily drinkable.
    Malt: 2 types of Barley Malt 1 type of Wheat Malt
    Hops: First Gold, Hallertau Hersbrucker
    Yeast: Ale yeast
    Spice: Orange bark, Coriander
    Alc Vol: 4,5%
    Taste: Freyja is a very refreshing and sparkling clear wheat ale, gently spiced with coriander and orange peel. The spices are dominant in the aroma where the coriander is closely followed by the citrusy orange peel. The flavor is slightly citrus with light bitterness.
    Food: Light fish dishes, salads and pasta.
    The story: Freyja is the old Norse goddess of fertility, brewed in the honor of the Icelandic women who have surrounded us with love for more than thousand years, Freyja is soft like a mother´s kiss. Ölvisholt wanted to be the first Icelandic brew house to brew Wheat ale.
  • Móri

    mori 274x400Móri is the big brother of Skjalfti, containing more varieties of malt and hops. Móri is top fermented.
    Malt: 6 types of Barley malt, 1 type of Wheat malt
    Hops: First gold, Cascade, Goldings and Fuggle
    Yeast: Ale yeast
    Alc. Vol: 5,5%
    Taste: A clear ruby color with a medium body. In the flavor, there is roasted malt and caramel with a smooth bitter finish. The aroma is slightly sweet and malty with pine and citrus from the aroma hops in the background.
    Food: Steak, barbeque, red meat
    The story: A tribute to a lost soul. 200 years ago a great volcanic eruption occurred in central Iceland. After the volcano erupted, a poisonous mist killed 75 percent of livestock and 20 percent of the population. At this time a young boy who had escaped the eruption came to a farm near Ölvisholt and requested the farmer to stay for the night as it was in the middle of winter and nowhere to go. The farmer said no and shut the door, the boy died that night of cold and starvation. The boy started haunting the farmer and all his descendants to this very day.
  • Lava

    LavaLava (Smoked Imperial Stout) is quite unique in the Icelandic beer history as it is very higly rated on an international level.
    Malt: 6 types of Barley malt, 1 type of wheat malt
    Hops: First gold, Fuggle
    Yeast: Ale yeast
    Alc Vol: 9,4%
    Taste: Full bodied, pitch black beer with a thick brown head. Sweet with chocolate and roasted malt in the flavor. The aftertaste is roasted malt, smoke and warming alcohol. Aroma is smoke, chocolate and bit of alcohol.
    Food: Chocolate desserts, dark chocolate
    The story: The active volcano Hekla is visible from the brew house door and occasionally, eruptions are visible from the Ölvisholt farm. The bottle label resembles the view from the brew house door when an eruption occurs.
    Awards: GOLD - 2012 United States Open Beer Championship – Smoked Imperial Stout. Draft Magazine – Top 25 beers of 2012. Ratebeer.com – Top Icelandic beer - 2014. Ratebeer.com – Highest rated Icelandic beer (98/100) (Mar ´16). Untappd – 15th highest rated smoked beer worldwide (Mar ´16)

  • Skaði

    skjalfti 274x400Skaði - Farmhouse Ale
    Ingredients: Vater, malt, rye, wheat, sugar, hops, angelica;, yeast
    Alc. Vol: 7,5%
    The story: In Wallonia, french speaking part of Belgium, a style of beer was born which often is called Saison (Season). The beer was brewed at farmes for seasonal workers in the summer. Skaði is inspired by this style of beer. During the brewing process we add Icelandic Angelica and Rye which enhances the character of spice that defines the style. Skaði is course filtered and therefore cloudy in appearance.